AimPoint Pension Announces the Small Business $200 Challenge!

AimPoint Pension challenges its employees, clients, and partners to contribute to reinvigorating the economy

June 10th, 2020

Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL:

AimPoint Pension announced on May 1, 2020 to their 23-person workforce, a $200 personal challenge as its contribution to reinvigorate the economy. They are expanding the program to their small business clients and financial advisor partners by encouraging each to do their part to help the local economy.


AimPoint Pension designed the $200 Challenge to reimburse any employee up to $200 of expenses made with local business. No chain restaurants, no “big box” retailers. AimPoint Pension encouraged buying American-made products but did not require it. Any employee who spent the entire $200, received a bonus in their paycheck of an additional $200. The challenge was offered for purchases in the month of May only. The program was a huge hit with the AimPoint team and the company is now challenging other firms to do the same.


AimPoint Pension is asking their retirement plan clients and financial advisor partners to implement their own $200 Challenge. They encourage following their model of the program with freedom to modify the expenditure level and bonus amount. For every client or partner firm who participates, AimPoint Pension will donate $50 to the United Way, up to a maximum of $2,000. To qualify toward the United Way contribution, AimPoint Pension does not require any details of the program. They simply ask each firm to send an email to letting them know you participated. That’s it. At the end of July, AimPoint Pension will make their contribution to the United Way based on overall client and partner participation.

For every client or partner firm who participates, AimPoint Pension will donate $50 to the United Way, up to a maximum of $2,000.

Additionally, they encourage sharing any stories that result. Mike Mulka and Rodger Graves, AimPoint Pension Founding Partners shared one they received from a team member as the company announced their $200 Challenge:

“Hi Mike & Rodger, your timing was perfect. I had already planned on placing an order from our local feed store on Tuesday. Here are my receipts ($219.37). Your generous offer helped me help my neighbor-friend Chuck purchase hay. He takes care of another neighbor’s horse (long story). Chuck has lost most of his eyesight and can’t drive and receives very little disability income, but that horse gives him purpose every day. We are all extremely grateful to you guys! It’s greatly appreciated for us and our local businesses. Thanks so very much!!!”

Through wide-spread replication of the small gesture of the $200 Challenge, AimPoint Pension hopes to inspire thousands of people to take action, spend money locally on daily necessities, and – together – make a difference in a reinvigorated economy.