Serving Employers

Defining Your Goal

We’re here to help people retire successfully. That’s our sole focus. We do that by ensuring every client’s retirement plan fits their needs, is aimed at meeting their goals, and runs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We do it by getting to know you.

We invest the time to learn your business, your people, your plans for the future. We’ll evaluate your profitability as it helps determine appropriate plan design options that can dramatically drive accelerated retirement savings. We won’t begin offering plan design recommendations until we know where you and your business are today, and where you’re headed. 

With this mutual understanding, we’ll craft the right retirement solution to get you to your goal.

Moving Forward

How does AimPoint Pension help you get where you need to be?


We handle small and large plans, with our book of clients having close to $1 billion in assets, we have the experience to manage your plan.

We stay abreast of all federal regulations to ensure your compliance.

We can lighten your workload and minimize your fiduciary responsibilities through our 3(16) Plan Fiduciary Services.

We will custom design a retirement plan that perfectly fits your situation.

We will conduct a thorough assessment of your current plan, looking for compliance inefficiencies and missed tax opportunities.

We will manage all the necessary compliance testing and annual IRS and DOL reporting.

We offer additional services to help manage the daily operation of your plan.

Equally important to investing in our relationship with you, we invest in our people. The professionals who make up the AimPoint Pension team have the industry credentials, years of experience—and passion—to help your business and your workforce achieve their retirement goals.



With AimPoint Pension as your plan administrator, you’ll have a dedicated team of professionals available to answer your questions and solve your problems.

We’re retirement experts so you don’t have to be!