Plan Administration & Compliance

Aimed at 100%

Once your plan is designed and implemented, AimPoint Pension’s administrative services and compliance-testing processes will keep it on track.

The goal is nothing less than 100 percent.

What does that mean? We want to ensure 100% of eligible employees are preparing for their best possible retirement, and that every plan meets 100% of the requirements so that plan sponsors can qualify for all applicable tax advantages.

We’ve Got the Details

Many of our clients tell us they’re tired of the headaches of managing payroll contributions every cycle, filing reports at the last minute, and chasing down compliance details. They don’t want to be retirement specialists. And we get that.

That’s why we’re here: to handle the paperwork, stay abreast of federal regulations, manage loan requests and retirement distributions, and prepare and communicate all applicable plan and participant notices.

What’s more, each client works directly with a dedicated AimPoint Pension team that will manage all ongoing administration and compliance needs. You’ll get to know them, and them you. This relationship will drive operational simplicity, transparency, and peace-of-mind.

And for our clients with larger plans (generally those with more than 100 employees), we will work in direct collaboration with your CPA auditor to ensure a smooth and successful financial statement audit. 

  We do it so

you don’t have to!

Compliance Testing & Government Reporting

Expect AimPoint Pension to handle it all, from managing all the required compliance test responsibilities, to preparing and filing the necessary IRS forms.

What’s at stake

There’s a lot to be gained when a retirement plan runs efficiently and stays in compliance with federal regulations. And plenty to be lost – in both time and money – when it doesn’t.

AimPoint Pension employs a thorough review process when undertaking annual compliance testing and filing essential government reports. And when issues arise, we fix them.

How We Serve

Our compliance and review services include:


Calculating contribution deductibility, pertinent to IRS §404

Conducting annual additions testing, IRS §415

Conducting top-heavy testing, IRS §416

Conducting coverage testing, IRS § 410(b)

Conducting and reporting ADP and ACP testing for 401(k) plans

Preparing IRS form 5500 and all required schedules

Preparing Summary Annual Report for plan participants

Preparing Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation, pertinent to defined benefit plans

We’re here to help ensure your plan is operating optimally, achieving and maintaining proper compliance and continues to offer the best opportunity for you and your workforce to achieve important financial goals.

Relax. We’ve got the details.

Keeping You On Track

In addition to tending to all the plan administration details, your dedicated plan administrator and your client experience specialist will review and analyze your plan every year.

They will compare performance and plan design against your evolving goals and will recommend changes to your plan to ensure it continues to work for you—giving you the best path to retirement success.

Aiming for your retirement success